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Professional Pet Care Services in Concord and Surrounding Areas

Learn all about our professional pet care services, and the value you get with each one.

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Dog Walks
Professional dog walks give your dog the exercise he needs to stay sane and healthy. They’re a big relief to dogs who need a potty break while you’re at work.

Your dog will get a 30-60 minute walk around your neighborhood. Your dog will enjoy one-on-one attention without the stress of sharing a walk with other dogs.

We switch up the route each time to make walks more fun. Dogs love having new spots to sniff!

We praise good behavior, prioritize safety, and carefully supervise your dog to prevent him from eating plants and garbage.

Pet Visits
For long work hours, vacations and other extended absences, we provide pet visits.

Your pet will look forward to our daily drop-ins.

We provide personalized services during pet visits, including feeding, fresh water, and playtime for cats, dogs and other animals. We can also bring in your mail, water your plants, and otherwise hold down the fort when you’re not home.

We can even do light training to keep your dog sharp. We’ll stick to your training regimen and reinforce good manners.

Overnight Stays*
Nighttime can be very lonely for a pet who’s home alone. Our overnight stays are the best solution.
(* this service is provided for our current dog walking customers)

We’ll arrive between 6PM to 7 PM to feed your dogs, cats, and other animals. We’ll change their water, walk and play with them to keep them exercised and happy.

We can also bring in your mail, water your plants, and more. Whatever you need – just ask!

Our overnight stays usually end at 7 AM. We’ll even walk your dogs before leaving in the morning.

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