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Concord Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services From The Pet Nanny

Concord Pet Sitting & Dog Walking from The Pet Nanny - For Pups of All Sizes!

Meet Your Reliable Concord Dog Walker

Insured And Bonded Pet Care

Available across Contra Costa County California – Concord, Pleasant Hill, and Walnut Creek

Leaving home doesn’t have to mean leaving your pets behind.

Not with The Pet Nanny in your contact book.
Feel at peace knowing your pet will get the Best Friend treatment: a fun walk, a little playtime, and lots of scratches behind the ears.

Go to work without the guilt. You’ll still get that look every time you leave, but you’ll feel better knowing your professional, reliable Concord dog walker will take care of your animals.

Your pets will always be safe and in the care of someone familiar – someone they trust.

What Our Dog Walker And Pet Sitter Clients Are Saying

View our testimonials to see what our clients are saying about The Pet Nanny’s pet sitting and dog walking services.

Why Your Dog Will Love The Pet Nanny

A visit from the Pet Nanny makes every workday better.

You won’t have to worry about getting home on time to make sure your dog gets to go outside.

Traffic jams, long hours and overtime won’t make you nervous anymore. You’ll feel assured knowing that your dog will have his much-needed walk each day.

Your dog will no longer have to wait for you to get home – what a relief!

Every walk is fun and provides the exercise and mental stimulation your dog needs every day. We promise to provide the same love, care and attention your dog receives from you.

That’s why we provide neighborhood dog walks. Your dog will get our focused attention and plenty of praise for good behavior. We take your dog for walks in familiar areas, while sticking to your training routine and encouraging good manners.

Pet Visits For Vacations and Longer Absences

When you can’t be home, count on the Pet Nanny to feed your dogs and cats, freshen the litter box, and otherwise provide personalized, loving care and service. Your pets can keep their daily routine, with the same meals, attention, exercise, and playtime they’re used to.

You’ll get plenty of communication and photo updates throughout your absence. We’re always available to keep you updated on how your pets are doing.

In no time, your pets will get to know us, and look forward to our visits. We make fast friends with all of our clients’ animals, including dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and everything that runs or crawls.

Ask us how we can provide care for all of your pets.

Pet Pros Who Know And Love All Pets

Jerry and Alison Koons – your reliable, knowledgeable pet care professionals, are members of Pet Sitters International and attend several seminars each year to stay up-to-date on all areas of pet care.

Our dog walking and pet sitting services are fully insured and bonded.

Based in Concord, California, we offer our dog walking and pet care services in the surrounding areas of Contra Costa County California – Concord, Pleasant Hill, and Walnut Creek.

Contact us today to learn more. We look forward to getting to know you and your pets!

Get Started With The Pet Nanny

Get in touch via email, by calling 925-603-3646, or by filling out our easy contact form.

We guarantee friendly, professional service. Tell The Pet Nanny how we can care for your pets. Leave the rest to us!
Gallery of Concord and Walnut Creek Dog Walking And Pet Sitting Clients

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