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  • Why should I choose The Pet Nanny?

    The Pet Nanny is owned and operated by the husband-and-wife team of Jerry and Alison Koons. The Pet Nanny offers flexibility to suit our clients' schedules while providing exceptional, dependable, and responsible pet care that best suits your pets' needs. We take the time to get to know you and your pets and build relationships to understand each individual client. This relationship starts at our in-home consultation and continues throughout your pets’ lifetime. We look forward to treating your pets like they are family!

  • What are the results and benefits of daily dog walking?

    There are many ways in which you and your dog benefit from our daily dog-walking services. Professionally walked dogs tend to be more sociable since they are exposed to a variety of environments and experiences while exploring the neighborhood. Scheduling your dog for an exercise regimen with daily dog walking is a great way to provide physical and mental exertion, making your dog much less likely to exhibit any undesirable behavior (chewing, relieving in the house, excessive barking, fence jumping) as a result of pent-up anxiety or energy. In addition, daily dog walking helps keep your dog physically fit and healthier, which could mean fewer trips to the vet. You will have a sense of relief knowing that your dog is being well taken care of and getting exercise and fresh air while you are at work. There will be no more worries about rushing home to relieve your dog because you know that The Pet Nanny has provided the attention, exercise, and potty break that your dog needs when you can’t be at home.

  • Are you insured and bonded?

    Yes. We are insured and bonded. We are also certified dog walkers through the dogbiz Dog Walking Academy and trained in pet CPR/ first aid. We are happy to provide you with a copy of these documents.

  • What is the meet-and-greet first-time consultation?

    Before dog walking visits start, contact The Pet Nanny by phone, text, or email. We will schedule a free meet-and-greet consultation to get acquainted, interact with your pets, and understand your pet-care needs. Once you are comfortable moving forward with our services, we will review and fill out the necessary information and forms, and we will collect a key (this is preferred) to access your home (see the ``How do you access my home?`` section below). The meet-and-greet typically takes about 45 minutes to an hour. There is no cost for this initial consultation.

  • What areas do you service?

    We offer dog-walking services in Concord, California. Pleasant Hill, California; and Walnut Creek, California.

  • How do you access my home?

    Allowing The Pet Nanny to retain a copy of the key to your home ensures that we are able to easily access your home whenever you require our services. In case you have an unexpected, emergency need, all you have to do is contact us. All keys are kept in a lockbox when they are not in use. For your security, keys will only be identified by the name(s) of your pet(s), never your name or address. We can pick up a copy of your key at the meet-and-greet or make arrangements to pick up a key prior to the first scheduled visit. Please be mindful to provide any codes or keys that we may need to have to access or operate in your home including keyless entry, garage keypad, door to house from garage, and/or back door.

  • Do you provide daily updates?

    Yes, we will provide you with updates on your pets during each visit either by text, email, or in writing (based on your preference).

  • Do you offer compensation for referrals?

    Yes, we offer $25 service credit to existing clients who refer a person who becomes a new client of The Pet Nanny. Once the newly referred client has completed and paid for regular dog-walking services, you will receive a $25 service credit to be used toward future walks.

  • Do you require proof of current vaccinations?

    Yes, we ask that you provide proof of current rabies vaccinations at the time of our initial meet-and-greet or at any time prior to the first visit.

  • What is your dog-walking policy?

    - Dogs are required to be on a leash and have a collar with identification tags on during outdoor walks.
    - For safety reasons, retractable leashes will not be used. The Pet Nanny is authorized to use its own leashes and harnesses.
    - Walks are provided for leash-trained dogs only. Dogs who are leash-reactive or aggressive are not candidates for this service.
    - All dogs must have basic obedience training and be well mannered.

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