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Helping an Animal

Shelters are saying that adoption of shelter pets means people will gain a lifelong companion. Adopters will be saving these animals’ lives.

Each Animal is Unique and Beautiful

Most shelter animals are of several mixed breeds, giving them unique, unforgettable, and even cute appearances. Some animals may have multi-colored coats while others have eyes of two different colors. Either way, they are all beautiful.

Adopters Take a Stand Against Animal Cruelty

Shelters won’t forget to make the point that, when people adopt shelter animals, they are doing what they can to keep animal cruelty from becoming a bigger issue. When a pet is adopted from the shelter, that means animal mills have lost a sale.

Adopting a Shelter Animal can be Contagious

When people see that an individual or family has adopted a shelter pet, they may be more likely to explore why it’s better to do so. When they learn about the benefits that shelter animals receive, they may decide to do so, if they are looking for a family pet.

Adoption Stops Mindless Over-Population

Shelters should refer to the over-population problem common to most areas and even countries around the world. Animals are allowed to multiply to such an extent that they can’t be cared for. Adopting an animal from a shelter helps to curb this issue.

Shelter Staff Stands Ready to Help

Shelters know that new pet owners will have questions about their new family members. For this reason, they work to make sure staff members are available when this happens. Shelter staffers can also make recommendations for other animal professionals, as needed.

Shelter Pets Have Gotten Good Care

In promoting their services in the community, shelters are sure to emphasize the care that the animals receive—when animals first come in, they undergo veterinary exams, and any health problems detected are treated. These animals also receive needed vaccinations and, if they haven’t been altered, they will be neutered or spayed.


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