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Here at the Pet Nanny, we love our Walnut Creek dog walking service regulars.

Each week, we visit local dogs and take them around their neighborhoods to sniff, go potties, and enjoy the fresh air – even as the temperatures get over 100 degrees. We really love what we do!

The more our regulars get their walkies, the more we notice the benefits, inside and out.

If you’re considering working with a dog walker like The Pet Nanny, here’s why you should give your local Walnut Creek dog walking service a try.

We know you’ll see the differences in your dog’s health and happiness, too.

1. Professionally Walked Dogs Are More Sociable.

Most dogs have just one or two favorite people. It’s great to have a strong bond with your dog, but if they never spend quality time with other people, it may be more difficult for them to tolerate being handled by the vet, family members, and friends.

Our neighborhood walks to open up your dog to new experiences. We encourage healthy exploration and positive interactions with the environment, while we avoid exposing your dog to stressful situations he is not yet ready for.

2. Regular Walks Lead To Better Behavior.

“A tired dog is a good dog,” they say, and now there’s scientific evidence that this is true.

A study of shelter dogs showed that just 25 extra minutes of human contact and exercise each day significantly reduced the dogs’ stress levels, helping them perform better on behavior tests. Dogs that pass behavior tests have a much higher chance of finding a good home. Isn’t it amazing what a little love can do?

If your dog chews up your belongings, has accidents in the house, or chases your other pets, a few weekly sessions with a professional dog walker can do wonders.

You should also encourage quiet time and redirect problem behaviors with humane, positive reinforcement based training.

3. Regular Walks Enforce Solid Training.

You’ll need to practice basic skills like sit and heel (or loose leash walking) repeatedly, in different environments, to make sure your dog’s training is rock solid.

When other people walk your dog, they may be tempted to forgo training to speed up the walk. This means your dog can develop bad habits when walking for other people.

Your professional dog walker will take their time and enforce good habits with positive reinforcement. Dogs can be rewarded with treats, games and even just fast sprints. By varying the pace, we keep your dog guessing and make it fun for them to walk politely on a loose leash.

4. Separation Anxiety Gets Easier.

When you’re not home all day, your dog may show signs of separation anxiety. Your neighbors may complain that your dog is barking the entire time you are gone. You may come back to damage in your home. Some dogs will even injure themselves trying to break down doors or breaking out of their crates.

It takes gradual training to ease separation anxiety, and there’s no quick fix.

But your dog may feel at ease with a routine that splits up their alone time. Regular walks with your dog walker give your dog a moment to look forward to and gives them a new friend to play with so they won’t be as preoccupied with your absence.

5. A Walk A Day Keeps The Vet Away.

Some dogs can go over 8 hours without relieving themselves, but that does not mean they should.

Digestive problems and urinary tract infections can occur if your dog does not get frequent walks.

Walking also burns calories, so your dog can lose weight or maintain a healthy body.

Learn More About The Pet Nanny’s Walnut Creek Dog Walking Service

Want to learn how we can help you and your dog enjoy a happier, healthier life with regular walks? Contact us anytime through our online contact form, or give us a ring at 925-603-3646.

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