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For cats, playtime is serious business.

With just ten minutes of kitty games each day, your cat will be happier and your bond will be stronger. Active playtime also gets your cat on the move, preventing weight gain and helping her body defend itself against illnesses and injury.

If you’re looking for some new ways to get your feline active, try some of these fun activities that many cats can’t resist joining in on:

1. Bubble Party


Bubbles slowly drift through the air, much alike many of kitty’s fast-moving prey. The slow, breezy movements make the bubbles all the more alluring, and your cat will leap up to swipe at each one. You can use regular play bubbles or a mixture of water and dish soap with a straw to blow bubbles for your cat to chase. If you’re worried that your cat might lap up the soapy water, you can also use a nontoxic, pet safe bubble solution. There’s a catnip scented bubble solution for cats called Catnip Garden Bubbles, it could get your laziest kitty interested in playing along.

2. Hide And Seek

Hunting is your cat’s favorite thing to do. While your cat won’t be able to hide, she will happily seek you out when you hide under blankets, behind doors and other nooks in your home. Just find an easy hiding spot and call your cat. Reward her with treats or a toy when she arrives to reinforce the excitement of finding you. As your cat gets the idea, you can use more and more difficult hiding spots, so your cat will have to use her senses of smell and hearing to detect you. Your cat will get a good workout, and she’ll work her brain as she ponders your hiding spot.

3. Tablet Games For Cats

You can download kitty games like JitterBug for iOS or Happy Wings for Android on your phone or tablet for your cat to enjoy. Most of these games involve shapes that enticingly move across the screen and make noises as your cat bats at them. You may need to invest in a cheap plastic screen cover if you’re not sure your screen can stand up to overeager swipes.

4. Kitty In The Middle

Here’s a spin-off one of those classic childhood games, where two people throw a ball back and forth while the “monkey” runs between them, trying to grab the ball before it reaches each person. No kid likes to be “the monkey,” but luckily, cats love it. Just grab a friend and start throwing a kitty toy back and forth. You can also slide it across a hardwood floor, making it impossible for your kitty to ignore the fuss. After a few throws, be sure to let your cat have a chance to get the toy and run off with it as she pleases. Allowing your cat to “win” sometimes makes the game more exciting for her.

5. Cups

Take 3 paper or plastic beverage cups and turn them upside down on the floor. Place one cup over a tasty kitty treat. Rearrange the cups, and allow your cat to sniff out the one with the treat inside. You can lift the cup when she selects the right one, or just let her go nuts, knocking everything over to get her treats.

Tips For Playing Kitty Games With Your Cat

Playtime should always be fun for your cat. Avoid any toys or activities that seem to scare her, no matter how cute she looks when she’s startled. Stick to what your cat loves, but don’t be afraid to try out new toys and games. Your cat will have a blast learning new ways to play with you.

Does Your Cat Need More Playtime?

The Pet Nanny is your reliable, bonded, and insured Concord cat sitter. If you work long hours or take vacations, you can make sure your kitty gets her daily playtime by contacting us about our cat care servicesWe’ll send you regular updates on your cat while you’re gone, and stick to your feeding, playtime, and medication routine so your cat will feel happier – and may actually decide not to poop in your suitcase as revenge when you get home!

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