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It’s incredible to watch your dog run free with his own kind. An off-leash dog park is a safe place to let your dog loose and make new doggy friends. It’s a great way for your dog to run off steam while you sit back and relax.

Take your dog to one of the off-leash dog parks in and around Concord, California: Paw Patch at Newhall Community Dog Park, Baldwin Dog Park and Paso Nogal Park.

You’ll need to follow all of the park’s rules – they’re made for you and your dogs’ safety. There’s also a few unspoken rules that you’ll always need to follow to make sure you’re keeping the dog park fun and safe for everyone:

  1. Leave the treats at home. Even friendly dogs can become aggressive around food. Being around strange dogs can make your pup feel more competitive than usual. Fights over food can be very dangerous. It’s best to simply avoid bringing food for you or your dog into the dog park.
  2. Learn to read dog.
    Did you know that a wagging tail does not always mean a dog is happy? A slowly wagging tail held high can be a sign of an overly excited dog who might attack yours. A low, fast wag can indicate fear. Look for the same broad, happy wag that your dog shows when you come home, or when they get a new toy. For many dogs, bared teeth and loud play growls are just signs of a good time, so it can be hard to tell the difference between playing and fighting.

    The “face bitey game” can look scary, but it’s a normal way for dogs to play.

    Watch closely to make sure that, if any bites are landing, they’re soft and polite. Learn all about dog body language so you can recognize signs of fear or bullying, and intervene before a fight breaks out.

  3. Realize that dog parks aren’t for every-dog. Dog parks are too unpredictable to use as a place to teach your dog to play nicely with others. If your dog is fearful, it’s better to teach her to be more confident by having play-dates with dogs you already know. If you know your dog to be aggressive or overzealous, it’s not fair to everyone else if you bring them to the dog park.
  4. Train a good recall first. Before letting your dog loose, you should train them to come when called. Since most dog parks are fenced, it’s okay if your dog’s recall is not perfect. Just make sure you’re able to call or retrieve your dog if they’re eating poop, digging holes or playing too rough.
    Train a lightning-fast recall by giving your dog a treat and lots of praise every time he comes to you.


  5. Supervise your dog at all times. Expect to watch your dog the entire time. Dog fights can erupt in the blink of an eye. You need to be on your toes, as you cannot always rely on the other dog owners to control their pets.

Does your dog need more time to play?

Ask The Pet Nanny about our dog park adventures. We’ll take your dog to a local dog park and supervise carefully as they play.

If your dog doesn’t like the dog park, ask us about pet visits and dog walks. We provide one-on-one attention and plenty of exercise to keep your dog happy and healthy.

Give us a call at 925 603-3646 or contact us online to get started!

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  • stitchilicious

    September 11, 2016 at 1:11 pm

    Scratching, like licking for self-grooming purposes, is also a displacement behaviour. Sometimes, an itch is just an itch, but scratching can mean your dog is feeling overwhelmed. Dogs who suddenly become very still are often at the end of their coping skills, and biting or bolting is a very possible next step.

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