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How To Get Your Dog To Stop Leash Pulling

Going on a walk is the best part of your dog’s day.
That’s why he pulls and pulls, keeping the leash taut as he sniffs every tree, shrub and blade of grass.
Leash pulling is annoying for you, and dangerous to your […]

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How To Cure Separation Anxiety in Your #Dog - 5 Tips from A Concord Dog Walker

How To Keep Your Dog Happy When You Work All Day: 5 Tips From A Concord Dog Walker

5 Separation Anxiety Tips From A Concord Dog Walker
You work hard all day to provide toys and treats for your beloved pooch, but you can’t help but worry that he’s not enjoying his time left alone. You might even get […]

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According to a New Study – Your Cat Completely Rules Your Home

10/07/2015 – According to a new study posted in The Huffington Post, your cat rules your home. Your name might be on the deed – but it is your cat that is the ruler of the domain.
Good Luck trying to […]

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